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Festive ‘Silverstone’ package for 2

£80.99 £75.99


All our hospitality at your disposal in one simple bundle:

  • 2 x memberships
  • 2 x race heats cover over 9 miles*
  • 2 x souvenir balaclavas and race result printouts
  • 2 x glasses of Hot Gluwein & mince pies or a speciality milkshake to finish
  • Podium Photo opportunity


clubhouse-favsDRIVE > DRINK > EAT > REPEAT >>>>>

  • Annual memberships & souvenir WK balaclava each
  • Drivers license members cards for Fast track 2nd visit
  • All Racing gear (not shoes- please no flip flops)
  • Expert personal instruction & safety briefing
  • 2 Race Heats each covering average 4.5miles on our outdoor, technical track
  • Personalised laptime printouts for each race
  • Break for drinks and assessment
  • 2nd race heat, guaranteed to improve and extend your milage
  • Race results printout
  • Ends with 2 glasses of festive hot gluwein and a mince pie, or a speciality Milkshake each !
  • help yourselves to our Podium for a picture opportunity

* average driver covers 4.5 miles in an adult kart during our 10 min race sessions


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